You’ll most likely see Doug or his son Wayne when you pull in after a few weeks out. It’s not
only comforting, it feels damn fine. Shaking the hand of the owner and knowing Doug’s and the
DSW team got your back is a very fine thing.
Trucking runs deep here
The trucking business a part of Doug Praul’s DNA. His dad, George Praul, started a piggyback
hauling company for the Santa Fe railroad in 1960, in Blythe Arizona.
George opened Drivers Dispatch in Phoenix in 1969, seeing the opportunity of providing private
carrier drivers in a highly-regulated environment. Once the industry deregulated, George
opened Highway Express. It was about 1980.
(photos of Doug, George, the vintage truck, shop)
George was hauling freight between Chicago and Nogalas, Az. Then, when Doug was around
15, the business moved up to Phoenix and operated out of the Praull’s house. Drivers were like
family, in and out daily, and Doug drove his first rig (underage), hauling Penziol from LA to
Doug took over the drivers and the staffing company in 1989, forming a partnership with Don
Digby Senior, and Digby Southwest (DSW) was born. In 1995, Doug became the sole owner of
DSW. And in 1996, Doug and Jerry Moyes worked up an agreement for the DSW fleet to haul
Swift’s freight.
Since then, Doug and his family has grown a suite of industry related companies, including 4
distinguished driver’s training schools (in Tucson, Phoenix, Yuma and on the Ft. Bliss post in El
Paso), and a DOT regulation consulting division and a commercial vehicle maintenance and
repair shop.
We bleed diesel
Our love of the business extends past simply hauling. We have a shop that will surprise you.
8,000 square feet of truck everything. Plus, you can see George’s ride. This 1940’s Brockway
road hauler has been faithfully restored and now travels to car shows!

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