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A Guide to Semi-Truck Organization

The cab of a semi-truck is a relatively small space and figuring out how to organize everything you need on the road can be complicated. Good organization will help you find the room for all of your supplies while also ensuring your cab doesn’t look cluttered.

Step-By-Step Organization Process

Everyone’s ideal organization process will look a little bit different and you should adapt it to fit your needs. The steps below give a general overview of one way to go about this.

1. Make a List Of What You Need

Making a list of everything you will be taking with you is a good first step to help you get organized. This way, you will know every item you need to store.

At first, stick to the essentials. Trying to take too much along with you on your hauls can quickly become overwhelming. You can always add more to your list once you’ve gotten used to storing and organizing the must-haves.

2. Categorize Your Items

After you’ve listed out everything you are taking with you, try splitting this list up into categories. For example, you will likely have essential documents, clothes, food, cleaning supplies, et cetera. You may also need a miscellaneous category for any items that don’t quite fit with the others.

Some categories may need to be broken down further based on available space or storage requirements. Food is a good example of this. Some items will need to be refrigerated, others should be easily accessible for snacks, and so on. Keep this in mind when you are categorizing your list of supplies.

3. Store Similar Items Together

Once you’ve listed the different categories of items, try to keep each group together for storage. Consider ease of access and the amount of available space when deciding where to put each group. For example, your important documents should be easily accessible from the driver’s seat in case you need them for an inspection.

4. Buy Organization Supplies as Needed

After you’ve completed the steps above, you should have a good idea of where everything fits in your truck and what additional supplies you may need to help you keep everything organized. By doing this later in the process as opposed to at the beginning, you avoid a situation where you have extra organization supplies just taking up space. Instead, you can tailor what you buy to your actual needs.

Some supplies that may be helpful:

  • A small file cabinet or folder for documents
  • Plastic drawers for clothing or food storage (Tip: make sure to measure the area first to be sure they’ll fit.)
  • Plastic bins for under your bed
  • Velcro or command strips so you can hang items on the walls

5. Reevaluate Every So Often

As you get used to life on the road, you will likely find new ways to improve your organizational system. Continue to reevaluate and adjust over time to keep your semi-truck neat and minimize clutter.

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