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Maintain A Perfect

Truck Driver Schedule

Truck driving jobs can involve long hours and many miles on the road. In order to make sure that you are able to remain well-rested and on schedule, it is a terrific idea to take the time to establish habits and routines that work for you. Over the months and seasons, your truck driving routine may become an important aspect of your lifestyle. Here is what you can expect from your truck driving routine.

Plan for Early Shifts

In order to maximize daylight and miles on the road, many truck drivers choose to start their shifts early in the morning. When you are establishing your truck driving routine, it is a good idea to grow accustomed to driving first thing in the morning. Getting many of your miles out of the way earlier in the day will help you stick to your delivery schedule.

Create a Rest Schedule

An important part of your truck driving routine is rest. In order to remain safe and alert behind the wheel, you will need to rest at sleep at regular intervals. In fact, it is now illegal for truckers to drive for more than 11 hours without taking a rest break. When you make resting a part of your routine, you can ensure that you are taking enough breaks.

Make Time for Loading and Unloading

While driving makes up the vast majority of a truck driver’s work routine, you will also need to factor in the time that it will take to load and unload your cargo. Depending on the types of materials that you are transporting, it may take an hour or longer to load up your truck at the start of your journey.

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