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Getting Better Sleep as a Team Trucker

Sleep is essential to your health, and getting enough rest is also an important safety consideration for truckers. There are some unique challenges that make it harder to get good-quality sleep in a semi-truck, but luckily, there are also tips that can make this easier. We’ve already shared some general trucker sleep advice in our blog “Tips for Sleeping in a Semi-Truck.” However, many of these recommendations are more suited to solo drivers. Team truckers can also take steps to improve their sleep, but since the truck is generally moving while they rest, there are additional factors to keep in mind.

Here are some tips team truckers can use to get more and better sleep:

1. Minimize Movement

One of the factors that can make sleeping as a team trucker more difficult is the movement of the truck. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to help minimize the effects of abrupt movements. The top bunk in a sleeper berth will usually move around more while the truck is in motion. When possible, sleep on the lower bunk instead to minimize movement and help improve your sleep. You can also use a long body pillow to help stabilize your position in the bed, even as the truck moves. Additionally, getting a foam memory mattress can reduce movement compared to a mattress with springs.

2. Find Ways to Block Light and Noise

Exposure to light and loud noises makes it more difficult to sleep. Of course, it’s not typically possible to eliminate light and noise in a moving semi-truck. However, there are options to improve your experience. A sleep mask can help you block light, even if you’re sleeping during the day. For noise, try noise-canceling headphones with either white noise or music, or a pair of earplugs.

3. Drive With Someone You Trust

This tip may not be possible for everyone. However, if you do know another commercial driver’s license (CDL) holder, driving with them may be easier than driving with someone you don’t know. You can choose someone you already trust and get along with. This has a positive effect on sleep because with team driving, you will typically sleep while your partner drives. If you know that the truck is in good hands, it’s easier to rest than if you’re worried about getting miles effectively, or worse, if you’re worried about your safety.

If you’re driving with someone you didn’t know before, you can still build trust to make it easier to sleep while they’re driving. Make sure that they respect your need for rest by keeping the noise down while they drive, and extend the same courtesy to them. If you have any concerns, try to communicate them openly. Neither you nor your driving partner has complete control over the amount of movement and noise on the road, but there are still steps you both can take to make things a bit easier.

Drive With A Partner or Solo at DSW

Whether you have a team driving partner in mind, want to be matched with someone, or prefer trucking solo, DSW has open positions for you. We are a family-owned trucking company and know our drivers by name, not by truck number.

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