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Getting Ready for Your DOT Physical

Before you can become a driver for a trucking company in Tucson, you’ll need to obtain your commercial driver’s license. In addition to passing the Arizona CDL exam, you’ll also need to pass a medical examination required by the Department of Transportation. The DOT physical is required to help ensure that a person is medically qualified to safely operate a commercial motor vehicle. Because of the risks involved with operating commercial trucks, professional drivers are held to higher physical, mental, and emotional standards than passenger car drivers. Medical certification is valid for two years, after which point you’ll need to take another DOT physical. If you need to pass this exam to earn your CDL or seek employment with a Tucson trucking company, here are some tips to help you prepare for your DOT physical.

Avoid Energy Drinks

Try to lay off energy drinks for at least 24 hours before the exam. Energy drinks can raise your blood pressure, sometimes enough to the point where you may be deemed medically disqualified to operate a commercial motor vehicle. Over-the-counter cold medicine can also raise your blood pressure, so it’s best to avoid these products as well.

Eat a Light Meal

On the morning of the exam, avoid the big breakfast you’re used to. A large meal can trigger a spilling of sugar in your urine which may lead to a restricted DOT card or disqualification pending treatment or further testing. It’s best to eat a light meal and go in hungry than have to wait to get your CDL or even jeopardize your employment with a trucking company because you had a hearty country breakfast with all the fixings.

Bring Medication and Compliance Letters

Before you leave the house, be sure to grab all medications in their original bottles and any compliance letters you may have from your doctor for special illnesses or medications. Show these to the doctor performing the physical so he or she can make sense of any unusual test results that might otherwise cause you to fail the medical examination.

Once you have your CDL and DOT physical card in hand, apply for a position with DSW. We offer one of the industry’s highest starting pay for recent CDL graduates, and all drivers are eligible for health, dental, and vision coverage after 90 days of employment. Call us toll-free at (877) 207-4662 to learn why drivers love working for DSW, and why you will too.

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