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Is It Possible to Be a Trucker Part-Time?

A job with a trucking company might have you spending most of your time on the road, but that’s not what all trucking jobs are like. If you’re looking to drive commercial trucks on a part-time basis, you do have some options to choose from. Keep reading and learn about the possibility of getting part-time trucking work.


A common part-time trucking job is being a relief driver. Full-time employees can only spend so much time driving, and sometimes work opens up. If you’re looking for a backup role, a relief driver might be your ideal position.


Working for a trucking company on a part-time basis offers many of the same benefits that full-timers enjoy, but it also comes with a few of its own. If you’re not on the road all day every day, you’ll have plenty of extra time. This means that people with other work can drive commercial vehicles on the side to make some extra money. It also means that as a part-timer, you’ll have more time to spend with your family. You might not even go too far from home on your travels, which might make you more comfortable as well.


If you want to hold any kind of driving job for a Tucson trucking company, you need to get your commercial driver’s license first. To do that you’ll have to earn your permit and then take a written test and a skills test. You can take classes to prepare for the tests, and some jobs will even reimburse you for the tuition costs. With your CDL in hand, you can start looking for part-time trucker jobs.

A part-time job in the trucking field can change your life in many ways, so contact DSW Drivers to find out how. Please check out our website or call us at (888) 266-7534 if you’d like to get to know our Tucson trucking company.

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