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Looking Out for the Seven-State Speed Trap

Part of handling your truck safely means obeying all posted road signs, including speed limits. In many states, speeding is the reason cited for half or more of all vehicle stops made by police and other highway officials. Knowing where speeding stops are most likely to occur can help you maintain vigilance and a lighter foot on the pedal when driving your truck through these areas.

What Is the Seven-State Speed Trap?

The seven-state speed trap is a series of seven Midwestern states in which speeding is among the top six violation priorities. This means that police and highway patrol officers are particularly vigilant and on an active lookout for speeding in these states, while mobile speeding enforcement receives a significant amount of attention and funding. Throughout these states, trucks are under particular scrutiny, especially on long, open stretches of road where there is little other traffic and the temptation to step on the accelerator may be high. The states that comprise the seven-state speed trap include West Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Iowa, and Nebraska.

How Can I Avoid the Seven-State Speed Trap?

As a trucker, it’s important to remain aware of the road conditions, including all posted road signs. If you are traveling through the seven-state speed trap, be especially vigilant and closely follow all speed limits, regardless of traffic conditions. Furthermore, it’s important to travel at a speed that is safe for your surroundings—in poor weather, slow down to a safer speed at which you can confidently handle your truck, even if something unexpected occurs. Exercising caution and good sense while driving in these states will not only help you avoid a speeding stop, but also improve your safety record and the safety of those vehicles traveling around you.
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