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How to Combat Driver Fatigue When Driving at Night

If you’re in the trucking industry and your job sends you across the region, you’ll probably do some of the driving at night. Do your best to get quality rest when you can, eat healthy meals that will give you energy, and take breaks when you need to stay safe. Here’s more on how to … Continue reading “How to Combat Driver Fatigue When Driving at Night”

Here Is a Personal Checklist for Professional Truck Driving

After a trucking company hires you for your very first commercial trucking job, you will have an opportunity to make a fantastic impression on your employers. Like any other industry, the truck driving profession rewards workers who are responsible, respectful, and dedicated to their positions. To help you assess your own level of commitment and … Continue reading “Here Is a Personal Checklist for Professional Truck Driving”

Saving Money While OTR

As a commercial truck driver, many of your jobs may require you to travel across long distances. If your trucking company has recently set you up with an OTR, or Over The Road, position, you can expect a steady salary and benefits. To stretch your salary even further when you are on the job, you … Continue reading “Saving Money While OTR”

Why Women Drivers Could Save the Trucking Industry

While the truck driving world used to be a primarily male-dominated profession, more and more women are joining today’s truck driving force. If you are a woman who is seeking a fulfilling career opportunity, you may want to explore the trucking positions that are open at your local trucking company. Each year, more women are … Continue reading “Why Women Drivers Could Save the Trucking Industry”

Put Your Military Training to Work as a Truck Driver

If you have recently retired from a career in the military, you may be searching for civilian jobs in the private sector. Truck driving is a fulfilling and well-paying career opportunity that will allow you to use the training that you received while you were on active duty. A trucking company can match you with … Continue reading “Put Your Military Training to Work as a Truck Driver”

Why Truck Drivers Are Vital to the Economy

Many people may not realize how much their daily lives are influenced by truck drivers. The trucking industry influences almost every other industry, which influences the national economy. Read on to learn more about how truck drivers are vital to the success of the economy. Other industries rely on truck drivers. Truck drivers are responsible … Continue reading “Why Truck Drivers Are Vital to the Economy”

Qualities of a Great Truck Driving Career

There are certain qualities of a great truck driver—dependable, trustworthy, and self-motivated—and there are qualities of a great truck driving career. These qualities, such as a diverse resume and continuing education, signify a successful driving career and help keep a trucker hirable. Take a quick look to learn the qualities to expect from a great … Continue reading “Qualities of a Great Truck Driving Career”

Entertainment Options While on the Road

After you have logged a significant number of miles as a professional truck driver, you may start to look for new methods for passing the time while you are on the road. Many truck drivers use entertainment to keep themselves engaged while they are driving, as well as during their daily rest breaks. By gathering … Continue reading “Entertainment Options While on the Road”

Easy Roadside Exercises for Truck Drivers

In order to succeed as a truck driver, you will want to make sure that you take care of your body as carefully as you maintain your rig. Over the long miles of an extended journey, you might start to experience aches and pains. With a few simple exercises, you can stay in shape on … Continue reading “Easy Roadside Exercises for Truck Drivers”

Why Even Seasoned Drivers May Need Additional Training

If you have worked in the trucking industry for many years, you are probably very confident in your driving skills. However, even if you are a seasoned driver, it is a good idea to consider enrolling in a refresher course. Your trucking company may even provide you with incentives for furthering your truck driving education. … Continue reading “Why Even Seasoned Drivers May Need Additional Training”