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Look Back at the History of the Trucking Industry

Practically every kind of domestic business relies on the trucking industry for some kind of transportation needs. Without this industry, transporting goods and services would be much more difficult. Keep reading to learn more about the history of the industry and how it become one of the most essential elements of the American economy. The … Continue reading “Look Back at the History of the Trucking Industry”

What Is a Commercial Driver’s License?

The trucking industry upholds certain standards for its drivers. To become a truck driver, you must earn and maintain a Commercial Driver’s License, or CDL. Holding a CDL ensures that you have the knowledge and experience required to safely and effectively operate commercial trucks as an owner/operator or for a trucking company. CDL Specifications A … Continue reading “What Is a Commercial Driver’s License?”

Exercise Options for Truck Drivers

While working for a trucking company, you will spend the majority of your workday behind the wheel of your truck. However, there are still many ways you can enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle, even while on the road. Keep reading to discover a few easy and convenient exercise options you can try out as … Continue reading “Exercise Options for Truck Drivers”

Hours-of-Service Safety Regulations to Prevent Truck Driver Fatigue

Drowsy driving is a significant factor in a large percentage of truck and automobile accidents. Thus, preventing driver fatigue is an important step towards on-the-job safety for truck drivers, as well as general road safety for the public. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has thus set hours-of-service safety regulations in place for the trucking … Continue reading “Hours-of-Service Safety Regulations to Prevent Truck Driver Fatigue”

Healthy Eating Tips for Truck Drivers

Truck drivers face unique challenges to staying healthy while on the job. Following healthy eating habits is an easy and effective step toward maintaining your weight and enjoying the benefits of good nutrition. Whether you prefer to pack your meals ahead of time or make stops while on the road, there are many ways to … Continue reading “Healthy Eating Tips for Truck Drivers”

What You Need to Know about the Arizona Trucking Association

Before you start working with a Tucson trucking company, it is important to understand the Arizona Trucking Association and its role in Arizona-based jobs. Here is more information about this association and how it will help you do your job: It Is a Huge Contributor to the Economy Trucking jobs add a lot to the … Continue reading “What You Need to Know about the Arizona Trucking Association”

Is a Career in Trucking Right for You?

Choosing a new career gives you the chance to start over and do something good for your future. If you are thinking about switching to a new field, keep reading to find out why you should consider jumping into the trucking industry: You Like a Challenge When you work as a truck driver, every day … Continue reading “Is a Career in Trucking Right for You?”

Staying Healthy While on the Road

Long hours on the road and access to a plethora of unhealthy food at truck stops can make it challenging to maintain a healthy lifestyle as a truck driver. If you want to improve your physical, mental, and emotional wellness as you drive, use the following tips to find ways to stay healthy. Watch What … Continue reading “Staying Healthy While on the Road”

Qualities of a Great Trucking Company

When you start off in the trucking industry, it is important to work with a reputable company that will give you the support you need to excel in your career. Look for the following qualities in a company to ensure that you get the best driving experience possible. Most Freight Opportunities Although every trucking company … Continue reading “Qualities of a Great Trucking Company”

Creating a Great Playlist for the Road

Music can have a dramatic impact on mood, alertness, and productivity. As a trucker, creating your own on-the-road playlists can help you stay engaged, alert, and entertained while on the job. Keep reading to discover just a few of the classic and modern songs you should consider for your very own trucking playlist. East Bound … Continue reading “Creating a Great Playlist for the Road”