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Why Even Seasoned Drivers May Need Additional Training

If you have worked in the trucking industry for many years, you are probably very confident in your driving skills. However, even if you are a seasoned driver, it is a good idea to consider enrolling in a refresher course. Your trucking company may even provide you with incentives for furthering your truck driving education. Let’s examine three reasons why even the most experienced truck drivers may need to sign up for additional training.

Review the Rules of the Road

Over the years, the laws regarding commercial trucking may change dramatically. By signing up for additional training, you can make sure that you are aware of the rules of the road. Your trucking course will provide you with an important refresher on the latest trucking laws and regulations.

Receive Additional Certifications

Additional training may be required if you are interested in receiving a new certification or classification for your CDL. For example, in order to transport hazardous waste, you will need to pass an additional CDL classification exam. Signing up for additional training will help you get ready to pass your test and receive your next CDL classification.

Earn Eligibility for a Promotion

Your truck driving company will be looking to promote drivers who demonstrate an eagerness to take on increased responsibilities and dedication to the success of the company. When you sign up for additional training, you might be able to make yourself more eligible for a promotion within your company. Taking the time to complete a truck driver refreshing course will show your bosses that you are dedicated to moving ahead in the trucking field.

At DSW Drivers, we are proud to be a leading trucking company in the Tucson area. We hire both experienced and new truck drivers, and we will provide you with tuition reimbursement for your truck driving training program. To learn all about why truck drivers praise the quality of our company and working environment, give our Tucson headquarters a call at (888) 266-7534.

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