What Is It Like to Be an Owner-Operator Driver?

November 23rd, 2018 | Truck Driving News

Lots of CDL drivers start out as company drivers. It’s simply the most affordable way to get your foot in the door in the trucking industry, since you won’t have to worry about investing in your own equipment. But after being a company driver for a while, you might start to wonder what life would […]

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Jake Brake 101

November 9th, 2018 | Truck Driving News

The Jacobs Engine Brake, more commonly called the Jake brake, is a compression release engine brake. It’s installed on some diesel engines, such as big rigs. When a trucker uses a Jake brake, the exhaust valves in the cylinders open up. This causes the release of the compressed air within the cylinders, which consequently slows […]

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Why Desk Jobs Aren’t for Everyone

October 26th, 2018 | Truck Driving News

For many people, work means going to an office and sitting behind a desk for eight hours a day. But who says that careers must look like that? There are many different ways to make a living, and while desk jobs are perfect for some people, they are the worst possible fit for others. Life […]

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Find Your Niche as a Truck Driver

October 12th, 2018 | Truck Driving News

Are you looking for the right career? Trucking might be the industry that is the right fit for you. Becoming a truck driver offers a mix of competitive wages, adventure on the road, and scheduling flexibility that fits the needs of many people trying to settle on the right career path. If you’re frustrated with […]

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Improving Your Quality of Sleep on the Road

September 7th, 2018 | Truck Driving News

Part of being a truck driver is getting an adequate amount of rest when you’re on the road. Many nights will be spent in the sleeper cab of your truck, and getting sleep isn’t optional—it’s a requirement for meeting your delivery schedule and staying within the legal limits for drivers. If you are struggling with […]

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Top Podcasts for Hitting the Road

August 24th, 2018 | Truck Driving News

One of the major perks of joining a commercial trucking company is that you have complete control over your “office.” There’s no boss looking over your shoulder, telling you to stop playing audio files in your cubicle. So indulge yourself by checking out these entertaining podcasts the next time you hit the open road. Sawbones: […]

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Trucking and getting a CDL

Scenic Drives You Might See in Your Trucking Career

August 10th, 2018 | Truck Driving News

The U.S. is a massive country. Its sheer size is difficult to grasp until you’ve driven all over it. As a professional big rig operator, you’ll have more opportunities than most people to see the best of what America has to offer. Your trucking company might send you on any of these fantastic drives. Red […]

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Why Home Time Is Essential for Your Trucking Career

July 27th, 2018 | Truck Driving News

America’s economy depends on truck drivers to haul food to supermarkets, medical supplies to hospitals, and countless other consumables all over the country. Truck driving can be a rewarding career, but it does come with some drawbacks—like time spent away from home. That’s why, to build a long and lucrative career in this industry, it’s […]

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Building a Career as a Trucking Owner-Operator

July 13th, 2018 | Truck Driving News

Truckers often start out working for large companies and driving big rigs they don’t own. But there’s a unique opportunity in this industry to be your own boss without actually starting your own trucking company. As an owner-operator, you’ll purchase or lease-to-own your own equipment. You’ll enjoy the freedom of being your own boss, and […]

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