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Testimonials – Our Success Stories

“I train new CDL graduates. By doing so, I have learned to better deal with people. In actuality, I am better in everything I do. DSW has given me good advice. I have been able to apply good business ethics and economics in my daily activities. Not everyone will give you the chance to become an Owner Operator. DSW has done a hell of a job backing me up!”

— Luis Navarette, Owner Operator

“HDS/DSW what can I say. I’m 46 yrs old and have worked all over and had many jobs. I take pride in whatever job I’m doing and I expect the company that I work for to treat me with respect and appreciate the hard work I do. This company has gone above and beyond. I’m a proud Owner/Operator/ mentor working for a awesome company. I highly recommend anyone looking to put roots down and start a career driving to come check out DSW/HDS. They are as close to family as you can get with any company.”

— Monty Kessler, Owner Operator

“I had a good time at the truck school, HDS, and decided to go with DSW as an employer. It has been a good experience. I am very grateful for the opportunity to work and drive one of their nice trucks. Never had a moment when I was waiting around with nothing to do. The opposite has been true for me, I have to find time to shower and get laundry and groceries done. You can’t beat it as a new driver, and before long you will have the experience you need to make some really good money, either as a DSW driver or going elsewhere. Driving requires you to bring your ability to learn as you go, and for maximum success, be self-reliant; ask your mentor to work through DSW’s teaching guide with you so you will know what you will need on the road. I have had nothing but great interaction with the DSW Company, and I plan to go owner operator with them in the coming year to increase my earnings. Like I said, you can’t beat it. Best of luck to you all.”

— Ray Sun

“I’ve been with the company for 14 years! The driving training was excellent! Everyone from the phone clerk, shop personnel, managers, and the owner. We are all one big family! Doug Prall, the owner has a open door policy, in the trucking business that’s a good option to have if the rest of the chain of command does not work. I would recommend the school and employment to anyone! So come join our team!!”

— David Roebuck

“Good company to work for. Good on getting you home. Great dispatch.”

— Seferino Talamantes

“Got my OTR training here with a very knowledgeable and experienced trainer. Gave me the knowledge to be safe, confident and make good decisions behind the wheel while I was out team driving. Lots of miles, flexible home time, like new equipment, approachable driver managers and staff. Overall very enjoyable experience, highly recommend.”

— Ernie Tellez

“Thanks for taking a chance on me when nobody would..100k safe miles in and you guys stuck by me..deff friendly staff and very helpful at times when i needed it.”

— Screw Face

“I think DSW is an excellent company to work for, I came into it wanting to work hard and to get them miles in, and with excellent support staff I been getting it in. For me this really isn’t work because I’m having a blast but it’s the support staff at dispatch that help make working at DSW that much more enjoyable”

— Robert Palma

“Almost a year ago I came to DSW. Best move I have made in a long time. As a company driver I was treated with respect. Now I have been an Owner Operator/Mentor since last Feb and I could not be happier. Everyone from the owner, to the shop to the incredible dispatch staff. At DSW I am treated as a person and not as a number. I am known by name and not just truck number. I have access to more miles than I can handle. This company far exceeds my expectations and I look forward to being an Owner for them for years to come.”

— Daniel Adukonis, Owner Operator

“DSW is a great company to work for. They took me on right out of school when I didn’t know anything about driving and gave me the support and opportunity I needed to become an experienced driver. I credit them with my current success, they are a great group of people to work with, and I would recommend them to anyone thinking about a driving career.”

— Michael Pedersen

“I have been very impressed with everyone I have worked with at DSW. Being a new driver I know I can make mistakes and need help developing my skills. Everyone has been helpful and willing to work with me. Glad I chose DSW to work for.”

— George Bradley Briggs

“I have been with DSW for 8 years. If you are a hard worker and have good work ethics you will do very well here.”

— Sean Edwards

“Coming up on two years with DSW, I enrolled in their school HDS and went straight to driving. Wonderful staff, great people, and great shop crew. They know your name and treat you like family Doug Prall , the owner ,his door is always open and just a phone call away ,and in this line of work that means a lot.”

— Dan Bolton

“Current student driver and recent graduate from HDS. DSW driver manager Randy is very understanding with my availability as I finish my employment with current non driving company.”

— Juan Hernandez