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Benefits of Husband and Wife Trucking Teams

Team truck driving can be a great way to make more money while also having company on the road. Some drivers prefer to be paired with someone they don’t know yet. However, if your spouse also has their commercial driver’s license (CDL), they could be a great driving partner. Husband and wife trucking teams are fairly common in the industry and there are many benefits to this arrangement.

Some benefits of driving with your spouse include:

Potential to Earn More Money

This is an advantage for any trucking team, not just couples. When there are two people driving, the truck can keep moving and you can get more miles. This translates into a bigger paycheck, and team drivers are in high demand.

It’s Easier to Manage Potential Conflicts

Spending weeks at a time in close quarters with another person has the potential to lead to conflicts. Even the best teams occasionally have minor disagreements. This is also true of marriages, and couples usually are more experienced than the average trucking team at working through these situations. It takes time to build trust and understanding, and married trucking teams have the advantage of a strong foundation.

Spend Time Together

Life on the road can get lonely but working as a husband and wife team can help. You get to spend more time with your spouse while you both earn money. During your downtime, you may be able to sightsee or try other new activities together, depending on your schedule. Not only do you get to see more of the country, but you also get to share this experience with someone you love.

Better Health

In many cases, husband and wife trucking teams can hold each other accountable when it comes to staying healthy. You can work together to make sure you are getting enough exercise and eating well. Additionally, having a companion may reduce your stress, which is beneficial for your physical and mental health.

Is Husband and Wife Trucking Always a Good Choice?

While there are many benefits to trucking with your spouse, no two couples are exactly alike and this may not be the best choice for everyone. To be successful, it’s important that you feel confident in separating work from your personal life. This is essential so professional concerns don’t start to affect your marriage. It is a good idea to have a conversation about team trucking before you start this career path. Be honest about your concerns and be sure that both of you are equally interested in trucking together.  Finally, you should consider whether you plan to start a family soon, as this can impact whether team trucking will make sense for you.

Now Hiring Team Drivers

DSW is currently hiring teams for over-the-road trucking. If you are not going to be driving with someone you already know, we can pair you with another trucker based on your personality and goals. We are a family-friendly company and support our drivers.

To learn more about becoming a husband and wife trucking team with DSW, contact us today