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Best Breeds For Trucking Dogs

Life on the road can be lonely for professional drivers, but having a canine companion can make the miles melt away. Whether you’re out on the open road for days or weeks at a time or just running a few local routes, having a four-legged friend can provide companionship and security. But what are the best breeds for trucking dogs? Read on to discover the benefits of driving with a pet and the best breeds for truck drivers.

Benefits of Trucking With a Dog

Truck driving with a dog offers numerous benefits for both the driver and their canine partner. Not only does it provide companionship, but it also helps reduce stress, boosts morale, and adds an extra layer of safety.

Reduce Stress Levels

Having a canine companion on the road can be a great way to reduce stress. Studies have shown that petting a dog can lower blood pressure, decrease stress hormones, and increase “happy hormone” serotonin levels. These benefits can be especially helpful on long drives when fatigue sets in, helping keep the driver alert and focused.

Boost Morale

Driving with a dog can also boost morale and add a bit of fun to long trips. Dogs are naturally social creatures, so having one in your truck can be a great way to break up the monotony of driving for long periods of time. Plus, they can be great conversation starters at rest stops along your route.

Increase Safety

In addition to providing companionship and stress relief, having a dog in the truck adds an extra layer of safety. Having a dog with you in your truck cab can help deter thefts and burglaries, as well as alert you to potential dangers.

The Best Trucking Dog Breeds

Many breeds of dogs make great trucking partners. A loyal, protective, intelligent dog can provide companionship and security on the open road. With some training, most breeds can make a great trucking dog. However, some are better suited to life on the road.

Some great breeds for trucking dogs:

1. German Shepherd

The first breed that comes to mind for many drivers is the German Shepherd. This breed is intelligent, loyal, and known for being an excellent guard dog. German Shepherds are also easy to train, so they can quickly learn the rules of the road. They are trusted companions who can help keep their owners safe while they drive their routes. However, these are a larger breed, so be sure to consider whether you have enough space in your cab and if you are ready to provide them with the daily exercise they need.  

2. Labrador Retriever

Another popular breed for truckers is the Labrador Retriever. This breed is known for being friendly and easy-going, so they make great driving companions. They are also highly intelligent. Labs are also very loyal and will always be there for their owners. Like German Shepherds, they are also larger, so you should keep this in mind. 

3. Chihuahua

If you prefer a smaller breed, a chihuahua is often a great choice for a trucking dog. They don’t require as much space as larger dogs, and they are known for being great road companions. 

4. Miniature Pinscher

This is another great choice for a smaller dog breed. Miniature pinschers are also very aware of their surroundings, making them a great guard dog without some of the drawbacks that come with a larger breed. 

Drive With a Pet-Friendly Trucking Company

If you want to bring your furry friend to work, trucking is one of the few careers where you can do so. DSW is a pet-friendly trucking company and understands the benefits of driving with your dog or cat. We are happy to discuss our pet policy in detail with our potential new drivers

To discuss our pet policy and the other benefits of driving with DSW, contact us today.