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Extra Items To Improve Your Trucking Experience

As a trucker, your vehicle is your home away from home. The interior of a semi-truck may not be particularly large, but there are many ways to make it feel like your own. New truckers will typically need to stick to the basics, but as you get used to the rhythm of life on the road and understand how to maximize space, there are many “extras” you can consider to improve your trucking experience.

Some items include:

Better Mattress And Bedding

Sleep is essential for health and well-being and for truckers, it can be difficult to get used to how to get enough high-quality sleep. Investing in a better mattress can make a big difference, and so can adding additional pillows and bedding. You can also use your bedding to personalize your truck’s interior.

Slow Cooker

Eating well on the road is sometimes challenging. Although you can find more healthy options than ever, preparing your own food is more cost-effective and usually more nutritious. A slow cooker makes it simple to enjoy home-cooked meals as a trucker. You can simply add the ingredients before you start driving and have a warm meal ready when you shut down for the day.

Exercise Equipment

You don’t need an extensive gym setup to work out. Depending on your preferred exercises, you likely can find small semi-truck-friendly equipment to take along without using up too much space. For example, if you like cardio, you can bring a pair of running shoes and/or a jump rope. For weights, small kettlebells or weight sets can often fit in your cab for quick work-outs on the go.

Supplies For Hobbies

Finding hobbies you can take on the road gives you something to do during your free time and can help reduce stress. There are many hobbies that are compact enough to take on the road.

Some examples include:

  • Photography – Bring a camera on your hauls and take pictures of the sights you see.
  • Video Games – A handheld console is very easy to take on a truck, and with an inverter, you can even hook up a small TV for gaming.
  • Reading – An e-reader makes it possible to take an entire library on your truck.
  • Drawing – A sketchbook and art set can easily fit in your cab and gives you a creative outlet.
  • Writing – A small laptop or even traditional pen and paper allows you to write stories or document your life on the road.

Trucking Jobs Based In Tucson

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