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Improving Your Quality of Sleep on the Road

Part of being a truck driver is getting an adequate amount of rest when you’re on the road. Many nights will be spent in the sleeper cab of your truck, and getting sleep isn’t optional—it’s a requirement for meeting your delivery schedule and staying within the legal limits for drivers. If you are struggling with getting restful sleep while you’re out on a job, these tips will help.

Block the Light

Light makes it difficult to fall asleep and can make it harder to stay asleep. Even when you are sleeping, you may not slip into the deep, restorative sleep you need to feel your best when there is light shining around you. A great way to get past this is getting a sleep mask to put over your eyes when it’s time to go to bed. With a mask, you won’t get distracted by the night no matter where you’ve stopped for rest. If your team drive, a sleep mask will even let you get restful sleep during the daytime while your co-driver takes the wheel.

Choose Your Location Wisely

Try to plan ahead for where you will sleep as much as possible, so you can pick a quiet place. Ideally, park somewhere away from heavy traffic, so that the vibrations won’t keep you awake. It’s a good idea to have earbuds handy for those occasions in which your options for a quiet place to park are limited.

Use a Mattress Pad

The bunks in sleeper cabs aren’t always designed for comfort. Adding a mattress pad can significantly increase the comfort and support you get from your bed so that you wake up feeling refreshed and without stiff joints.

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