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Meal Prep for Truck Drivers

As a truck driver, planning what to eat can be a little more complicated than it is for those working in an office every day. In many cases, grabbing a quick bite at a truck stop can seem like the most convenient option. While an occasional meal out isn’t a big deal, the cost can quickly add up and it can be difficult to find healthy choices. Meal prep for truck drivers does take a bit of planning, but there are many ways to make it work for you and even if you keep just a few meals on hand, you can save money and improve your health.

Some tips for meal prepping as a trucker:

Start Small

Preparing meals for weeks in advance can be an overwhelming task if you’ve never done it before. Rather than trying to be fully stocked with three meals and snacks for every day you’ll be on the road, it can be helpful to start with a more manageable goal. You could try focusing on one meal at first or start with one week’s worth of meals rather than prepping for your entire haul.

Consider the Space in Your Cab

Meal preppers who are eating at home can often freeze or refrigerate large amounts of food. As a truck driver, you are more limited due to the amount of space in your trucker’s fridge or cooler. To work around this, it is helpful to have containers that stack easily. You should also consider if there are any non-refrigerated meals or snacks you can prepare and keep elsewhere in your truck.

In addition to working around the limitations of storage space, you also will have to prepare your food on the road. It’s usually feasible to have a small microwave and if you have pre-made meals in a container, heating them up is fairly simple. If there are other types of dishes that you know you love, you may want to add one or two other small appliances. For example, you could get a single-serving blender to make pre-measured smoothies each morning. An air fryer is also compact and can help you get your food crispier than you would in a microwave.

Make a Variety of Foods

Eating the same thing every day can get boring. Meal prep will usually include several portions of the same meal, but you can add variety by making different types of meals with unique and interesting flavors. In many cases, you can use the same protein in a few different ways, or create options to mix and match the sauce, protein, and grain for your meals.

Meal Prep Ideas for Truckers

To get you started, here are some ideas for meals and snacks you can take on your next haul:

  • Muffins
  • Homemade granola bars
  • Hard-boiled eggs
  • Breakfast burritos
  • Soup
  • Salads in a jar
  • Tacos
  • Pre-sliced veggies
  • Lettuce wraps

Keep in mind that almost any meal can be separated into pre-portioned containers and reheated on the road, so your options are nearly limitless.

Drive For a Trucker-Friendly Company

If you are looking for a company that supports you, consider a career with DSW. We are currently hiring regional and over-the-road truckers. Our vehicles are equipped with auxiliary power units (APUs) and inverters so you can take the appliances you need for meal prep on the road.

To learn more about our openings for truck drivers, contact us today.