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Pre-Trip Inspection Advice

Pre-Trip Inspection Advice for New Truck Drivers

When you land a job as a new truck driver and get your first route assignment, you’ll probably be anxious to get on the road quickly. But don’t forget that you’re required by federal regulations to conduct a thorough pre-trip inspection before driving each day. This inspection covers all of the major systems of the vehicle. You’ll log the time as “on duty, not driving.”


Don’t worry about taking too much time.

The pre-trip inspection is an important step toward promoting safety on the roads. Take all the time you need to ensure that you’ve checked everything thoroughly. Over time, you’ll grow accustomed to doing things in a certain order, and it’ll start to take less time to complete your pre-trip inspection routine.


Have the proper tools handy.

You’ll need a few items to perform the pre-trip inspection properly. You’ll need a flashlight so that you can clearly see all of the components of the vehicle. You’ll probably want to wear gloves, since handling the various components can be a dirty job. You’ll also need a block of wood. Use it to depress the brake pedal. Then, walk around to the back of the truck to ensure that the brake lights are working. You might also want a pre-trip tool, which is a simple device that allows you to quickly and easily check the steer tire depth, drive and trailer tire tread depth, and brake shoe thickness. Keep all of these tools secured in the cab or sleeper berth. It’s also a good idea to pack some extra batteries for your flashlight.


Do everything in the same order each time.

The pre-trip inspection is a lengthy process. You’ll reduce the risk of forgetting to check something if you do everything in the same order before each trip. For simplicity’s sake, you can stick with the routine that you learned in truck driving school.

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