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Benefits of Working for Our

Tucson Trucking Company

DSW is not just any truck driving company. We’ve been trusted for over 30 years to provide outstanding working conditions for our employees. Working for big companies can make you feel like a small fish in a big pond, but at DSW you get the benefits of big company freight with a small company atmosphere. If you are looking for a job with amazing benefits and great pay, then look no further. There are numerous advantages that come from driving for our Tucson trucking company. At DSW we take care of our employees, ensuring their safety and satisfaction. 

Here are just a few of the benefits of working with DSW:

New Trucks and Equipment

At DSW you will not have to worry about driving an old, worn-down vehicle. 90% of our trucks have been operated for less than 4 years and we continue to grow our fleet. With a focus on fuel efficiency, connectivity, safety, quality, and uptime you cannot go wrong with our trucks.

We pride ourselves on supplying our drivers with trucks that come with the latest technology. All of our trucks come with a Qualcomm satellite, air-ride suspension, Jake brakes, cruise control, outward-facing cameras, and inverters for your TV, computer, or tablet. 

Another benefit of our advanced technology is that if you wish to optimize your performance on the road, our trucks let you access a variety of Freightliner videos and support materials simply by entering the last 6 digits of your VIN. 

Competitive Pay and Benefits

Not only do we have superior standards when it comes to equipment, but we also offer one of the highest starting salaries in the business and welcome new and experienced drivers alike. We take pride in recruiting the best recent commercial driver’s license (CDL) graduates and pair them with a mentor to help them continue to learn while they earn. If you are already a seasoned driver, DSW offers a competitive pay scale that rewards you for your experience. Drivers can also enjoy benefits such as yearly pay raises and health insurance (including vision and dental coverage). We pay our operators weekly and offer direct deposit. 

We also know how tough it can be with student loans from truck driving school. At DSW, we are happy to help! We offer tuition reimbursement for qualified recent CDL graduates. Reimbursement of tuition starts as soon as you have successfully completed our DSW Mentor Program. 

Time With Your Family

With a focus on driver wellbeing, we understand that pay and benefits are not the only factors when choosing a truck driving job. We believe that family time is essential and we work hard at providing better home time than our competition. 

When you work for our Tucson trucking company, we offer options to have a companion with you or to match you with other drivers for team driving, which can increase your earning potential. 

If you prefer driving alone but still want time to catch up with family and friends, we’ve got you covered. Our management works with you to guarantee your success so that you can spend time at home regularly. We offer up to 30 days off when you turn in your truck and one day off for every six days you spend driving. You can take up to 3 days off anywhere in the U.S. as soon as you complete your weekly goal of 2,500 miles.

Looking for a Truck Driving Job?

Look No Further Than DSW

DSW is Tucson’s largest family-owned over-the-road trucking company. Our management is comprised of former truck drivers who know what life is like on the open road. We know you by name, not by your truck number, and have an open-door policy at all levels of management. 

Contact us today to learn more about the openings at our Tucson trucking company.