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What Are the Advantages of Leasing Your Big Rig?

If you’re like many truckers, you joined the industry because of the freedom of the open road and competitive pay. All CDL drivers enjoy the independence of being away from the cubicle, without a boss looking over their shoulders. But at some point, you might consider taking it a step further by becoming your own boss. As an owner/operator, you have the option to either purchase or lease your own big rig. If you choose to lease your equipment, you can look forward to the following perks.

It’s easier to become an owner/operator when you lease.

Many truckers want to become owner/operators, but it isn’t always easy. Purchasing a big rig requires a substantial down payment, just like buying a house. And while purchasing the equipment offers long-term savings, the financial obstacle may prevent many truckers from taking that step toward ultimate independence. When you lease the big rig instead, you’ll pay little upfront. Plus, the average monthly installment payments will be less than the purchasing payments. Leasing agreements can allow truckers to break into the owner/operator gig without breaking the bank.

You may have a buy-out option.

It’s common for big rig leasing agreements to include a buy-out option. Check for it on the contract before you sign. If you decide to purchase the big rig outright, you can do so for the predetermined lump sum specified in the leasing agreement. If you choose not to purchase it, you can simply sign another leasing agreement if you’d like. By the time your lease expires, you may prefer to move on to a newer tractor.

DSW welcomes owner/operators in our trucking family. Be your own boss by taking advantage of our trucking company’s competitive lease payment plans, and choose from a lineup of late-model, fuel-efficient big rigs. Questions? Call our office in Tucson at (888) 266-7534 for more information about our leasing program, which includes a buy-out option.