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History of the United States Interstate Highway System

When you work as a driver for a trucking company, you will have the opportunity to explore may of our country’s highways and interstates. Since the 1950s, the United States Interstate System has provided convenient and direct transportation between cities and states. Without interstates, long haul truck drivers would lack direct routes to their destinations across the U.S. To highlight the importance of our Interstate System, here is a quick look back at its history.


The origins of the Interstate System can be traced as far back as 1916, when the Federal Aid Road Act was passed. This Act was passed in response to the increased number of automobiles on the road. In the passage of this act, the federal government acknowledged the need to provide drivers with direct roadways that received ongoing maintenance. The Federal Aid Road Act allowed the federal government to build several main routes that traveled both north to south and east to west.


A major milestone in the history of the Interstate System occurred in 1956, when President Eisenhower passed the landmark Federal Aid Highway Act. The Federal Aid Highway Act allowed the government to invest in dozens of interstates that connected the major regions of the United States. The Act was also passed in response to the military’s need for easier transport of troops and equipment.

Modern Day

After many decades of construction, the United States Interstate System is generally thought to be complete. The final section of the interstate was built in 1992, when the I-70 Route was completed in Glenwood Canyon, CO. Today, the federal government spends billions of dollars on expanding and maintaining its many interstate routes.

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