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A Trucker’s Guide to FMCSA Safety Regulations

Safety is a top priority for every truck driving company. In order to ensure that truckers are using safe driving practices on the road, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has instituted a series of safety regulations that all drivers must follow. A trucking company in Tucson can provide you with more information about the rules and regulations that apply to your trucking job. To get you prepared for your next job as a truck driver, here is an essential guide to FMCSA safety regulations.

Current Safety Determinations

Currently, the FMCSA has a three tier system for rating the safety compliance of commercial truckers. If a truck meets all safety requirements, it is given a rating of Satisfactory. Those trucks that need to make changes before they meet all requirements are deemed Conditional. Finally, a truck that fails to meet requirements is labeled as unsatisfactory. In order to improve the safety standards of the truck driving industry, the FMCSA has proposed changes to these current safety determinations.

Creating a New Regulation System

The FMCSA has recently stated that it will be implementing a new regulation system for truck drivers. Rather than assessing trucks on the three tier system, the FMCSA will eventually use a single rating of Unfit. A truck that has been labeled Unfit will have failed the basic safety analysis that are used by safety inspectors. With the new system of regulations, the FMCSA hopes to make safety checks simpler and more effective. While this rating system is not yet in place, truckers can expect to see changes in the coming years.

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