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Bringing Your Pet on the Road

Why leave Fido at home when you can take him on the road with you? A pet can make for a great traveling companion, but you need to take some steps to prepare. Stock up on food and water, get your pet the exercise it needs and make sure you drive safely. Read ahead for tips on bringing your pet on the road.

Don’t Run Out of Food and Water
It’s easy for you to stop at a truck stop and grab a burger for lunch, but it’s not so easy to find pet food while you’re on the road. Your dog, cat, or other animal traveling companion might also have specific dietary needs that make it even harder to find the right food. Stock up on food and bottled water before you leave so your pet can continue enjoying the same diet that it’s accustomed to.

Remember to Exercise
Exercising is important for both humans and their pets, whether on the road or not. Think about how restless you might get during a long drive with little physical activity, and then think about how much more restless your pet will probably be. Let your pet out of the truck on a regular basis so both of you can get some fresh air and exercise. Try taking a lap or two around each truck stop you land at, and make sure your pet gets a chance to play and go to the bathroom whenever necessary.

Use a Kennel or Harness
The momentum of a shortstop while driving at a high speed can send your pets flying, so consider a kennel or harness. Your pet should also have a warm, comfortable place to sleep in between trips.

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