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Dealing with Sickness on the Road

When you’re out on the road and not feeling well, calling in sick doesn’t quite work the way it does for other kinds of careers. Many truckers find themselves feeling sick when they’re hundreds of miles away from home with a trailer full of cargo that has to get to its destination. What should truck drivers do when they become sick when they’re out on the road? Here is what you need to know.

Pull Over

The first thing you should do is pull over as soon as possible. If you aren’t feeling well, then you can’t give the kind of attention to the road that driving safely requires, so find a truck stop where you can rest. If you think you are having a serious health incident, such as a heart attack, pull over wherever you can and call 911. Don’t risk allowing a life-threatening condition to become worse by trying to wait it out, and don’t put yourself and other drivers at risk by driving when you can’t concentrate fully on the road.

Call Dispatch and Your Loved Ones

Once you park, check-in with your dispatch to let them know what is happening. Be honest with dispatch about how sick you are and how long you think you will realistically need to be off the road. Don’t agree to drive when you aren’t well enough to do so. You should also let your family know where you are and what is happening so that they are on standby if you need help.

Keep Drugstore Remedies in Your Truck

Sometimes, you’re not sick enough to pull over, but you have a headache or sinus congestion that is making you feel rough. It’s a good idea to keep a selection of over-the-counter medicines in your truck for moments like these. Stay away from meds that could make you drowsy.

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