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What Is It Like to Be an Owner-Operator Driver?

Lots of CDL drivers start out as company drivers. It’s simply the most affordable way to get your foot in the door in the trucking industry since you won’t have to worry about investing in your own equipment. But after being a company driver for a while, you might start to wonder what life would be like as an owner-operator.

High Earnings and Tax Advantages

One common reason for making the switch to being an owner-operator is to earn more money. There is definitely a potential for greater earnings, although you should keep in mind that you’ll also have overhead. The more efficiently you run your business, the more money you’ll keep in your pocket. Plus, you’ll be able to use tax deductions to your advantage. Your business-related expenses, like fuel and repairs, can all be deducted from your income.

Personalized Equipment and Luxuries

The investment in equipment is what keeps many company drivers from becoming owner-operators. But it can actually be an advantage because you’ll be able to select the truck you prefer. Some truckers wouldn’t consider driving anything but a Peterbilt, while others have a strong preference for Kenworth, Volvo, or Freightliner. You might even consider splurging on a luxurious, custom sleeper berth with a functional kitchen, queen-size bed, and large TV screen. These comforts can certainly make life on the road much more enjoyable.

Freedom and Independence

Every truck driver enjoys more freedom and independence than the average office worker. There’s no boss looking over your shoulder, and you have the authority to make decisions on the road. Don’t like the look of that storm cloud? Pullover and wait it out. As an owner-operator, you’ll enjoy an even greater degree of freedom and independence.

DSW Drivers invites owner-operators to join our family and enjoy competitive pay, a large freight network, fuel savings, and a repair facility at your fingertips. We even offer generous benefits and reimbursement package! Call our trucking company in Tucson at (888) 266-7534 and find out for yourself why drivers love DSW.