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Five Ways to Pay For Trucking School

Those looking to get into the trucking profession in Arizona need to invest in trucking school. There are many ways to pay for this schooling.

Filling Out a FAFSA

The FAFSA is a free application for federal student aid that can easily be filled out online. The good thing about FAFSA is that all of the grants offered through student aid are free money. It never has to be paid back. The downside to most FAFSA grants is that one single grant is not always going to cover a person’s education. A FAFSA can on occasion cover more than tuition costs. This will result in the government sending the applicant a cash refund for the amount left over. A FAFSA should be filled out before you decide to apply for external grants and loans. You can fill one out at Finaid.org

The Pell Grant Program

Trucking school can cost $4,000 or more. The best way to ensure that your tuition is completely covered is to apply for a Pell Grant. The Pell Grant can award people up to $5,550. This does not have to be repaid. The amount awarded depends on your income and the school that you choose. There are several truck driving schools in Tucson, Arizona. Be sure to select one that fits your budget and your needs. If you are awarded, the Pell Grant should be able to cover the entire cost of tuition.

WIA Grants

The WIA Grant should be requested as a secondary after the Pell grant. You can receive a WIA Grant through the government if you cannot find work with your current resume and skill set. The overall evaluation process for the WIA Grant is on a case by case basis, so be prepared to be declined this grant if you have already been approved for the Pell Grant.

Student Loans

Student loans differ from grants in that they have to be paid back. Loans should only be considered if you aren’t in the income bracket to receive grants, or the grants don’t fully cover your tuition. Many different banks offer student loans.

Bank Loans

A bank loan should be a last resort. Most commercial banks that are funded by the Federal Reserve require collateral to be put up. The loan application process can also take longer than the student loan process.

No matter how manage to pay for trucking school, you will need to be hired by a trucking company before you can start living the life of a professional truck driver. One of the best trucking companies in Tucson, Arizona is DSW Drivers, so contact them about career opportunities today.

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