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The Importance Of Semi-Truck Maintenance

Semi-trucks are an essential part of the transportation industry. They transport goods from place to place, often over long distances. As such, keeping these vehicles properly maintained is vital to ensure their safe and efficient operation. Semi-truck maintenance is a critical component of the trucking industry, and drivers must understand the importance of regular maintenance … Continue reading “The Importance Of Semi-Truck Maintenance”

Big Vs Small Motor Carriers

Every truck driver must decide whether to work for a big or small motor carrier in the trucking industry. Driving for both can be a great way to make a living, but truckers must first consider the differences between the two. Here’s what you need to know about the pros and cons of big vs … Continue reading “Big Vs Small Motor Carriers”

Can Truckers Use CBD?

With cannabidiol (CBD) becoming increasingly popular in recent years, many people have begun using this product. However, there are still many questions and misconceptions surrounding CBD, including whether or not professional drivers can use it. This blog discusses how CBD can affect drug test results and what to consider before using these products as a … Continue reading “Can Truckers Use CBD?”

Best Breeds For Trucking Dogs

Life on the road can be lonely for professional drivers, but having a canine companion can make the miles melt away. Whether you’re out on the open road for days or weeks at a time or just running a few local routes, having a four-legged friend can provide companionship and security. But what are the … Continue reading “Best Breeds For Trucking Dogs”

Planning For Weather When Trucking

Challenging weather can cause all kinds of issues when transporting freight. In fact, weather is responsible for nearly one-fourth of all truck delays. Weather conditions can also make roads more hazardous and it’s important for drivers to be aware of how to stay safe. Learn how to plan for the weather when trucking in our … Continue reading “Planning For Weather When Trucking”

When To Use Tire Chains

Winter is upon us, and with the new season comes new weather challenges for everyone on the road. While most motorists can simply change to a set of all-season or winter tires to help manage the snow, preparation for inclement weather is more difficult for truck drivers. One of the best safety precautions a trucker … Continue reading “When To Use Tire Chains”

OTR Vs Regional Trucking

Trucking is a unique career and is more of a lifestyle than a job. Within the field of trucking, there are variations in the types of routes that affect what exactly this lifestyle looks like. One example is the difference between over-the-road (OTR) and regional trucking. OTR routes can travel through any combination of states … Continue reading “OTR Vs Regional Trucking”

Handling The Unexpected In Trucking

In any career, things don’t always go as planned. Learning how to adapt to unexpected circumstances is a worthwhile skill in life as a whole, and in particular in the trucking industry. Handling challenges efficiently and safely will earn you a strong positive reputation and can help increase your earning potential. It also helps reduce … Continue reading “Handling The Unexpected In Trucking”

Time Management Tips For Truckers

In many ways, trucking is a very independent job. You need to be able to communicate effectively with your dispatcher and are responsible for being on time for your appointments, but you are ultimately in charge of most day-to-day decisions. There’s no boss looking over your shoulder when you’re on the open road. This also … Continue reading “Time Management Tips For Truckers”

Extra Items To Improve Your Trucking Experience

As a trucker, your vehicle is your home away from home. The interior of a semi-truck may not be particularly large, but there are many ways to make it feel like your own. New truckers will typically need to stick to the basics, but as you get used to the rhythm of life on the … Continue reading “Extra Items To Improve Your Trucking Experience”