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How to Perform a Pre Trip Inspection for Your Truck

The pre-trip inspection is an essential part of every trucking assignment. When you work for a top-rated trucking company, you will need to inspect your vehicle every time you hit the road. In order to make sure that your truck is in a safe condition for driving, you will want to complete a thorough inspection that covers all of the major components of your commercial truck. Read on for some tips on how to perform a pre-trip inspection on a commercial vehicle.

Check the Wheels

One of the most important steps of a pre-trip inspection is to chock your wheels. Wheel chocks will prevent your truck from rolling or moving as you are completing your inspection. Since you will have your engine running as you inspect your truck, you will want to be completely sure that there is no chance that your truck can roll away.

Inspect the Brakes

An essential aspect of every pre-trip inspection is to evaluate the performance and safety of the braking system. Your truck’s air brakes are designed to be able to slow or stop your vehicle, even when it is fully weighted down. In order to inspect your brakes, you may want to use a tool called a slack adjuster to measure their performance.

Complete the Paperwork

Finally, you will need to fill out all of the necessary paperwork that is required by your trucking company. In order to streamline the inspection process, many trucking companies allow their workers to fill out a digital e-log, rather than filling out the paperwork by hand.

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