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Roadside Attractions You Might Encounter in Your Life on the Road

Once you begin your truck driving career, you can take advantage of the many roadside attractions and amazing sites located around the United States. The following roadside attractions are just a small sample of some popular sites you may get a chance to visit during your truck driving career.

The Thing?

Living in Arizona, chances are high that you have heard of The Thing? located southeast of Tucson. This is a wildly popular roadside attraction that takes you on a short journey through history until you eventually reach The Thing? Finally, you can answer the question “What is it?”

Salvation Mountain

Though there are many sites to see in California, one of the strangest is known as Salvation Mountain. This is a manmade mountain that reaches 50 feet in the air and 150 feet across. It is covered in the biblical script, beautiful colors, and inspiring designs.

UFO Watchtower

When driving through Colorado, look for a ranch-campground area that contains a UFO watchtower. Its builder believed she lived in an area of intense alien activity and wanted to build a monument and watchtower for visiting UFOs. This attraction is open to the public, so if you are looking for an intergalactic trucking journey, stop by this popular roadside attraction.

Dinosaur World

In case you find yourself in Kentucky, look for giant replicas of dinosaurs near Mammoth Cave National Park, and you will find yourself in Dinosaur World. This 20-acre theme park has various exhibits, activities, and more that will entertain you while driving on the road.

World’s Largest Pistachio

If you head into New Mexico, you may want to stop by Pistachio Land and visit the world’s largest pistachio. This concrete structure is 30 feet tall and looks very similar to pistachio. If you want to taste some real pistachios, then head over to McGinn’s pistachio ranch, also known as Pistachio Land.

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