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Safety and Maintenance Council Update from the Arizona Trucking Association

The Arizona Trucking Association (ATA) is dedicated to promoting safe, effective trucking practices throughout the state of Arizona. Periodic updates are released by the chairman of the ATA’s Safety & Maintenance Council to provide truck drivers with up-to-date information about safety regulations, training opportunities, and smart practices. This summer, the Safety & Maintenance Council update features three important safety programs available to truckers in the state of Arizona.

Truck Driving and Step Van Championships

The Annual Truck Driving Championship (TDC) was held on April 25, 2015, at the Tempe Diablo Stadium. During the championship, contestants took a three-part test that included a written exam, pre-trip inspection, and driving demonstration, all geared toward knowledge of trucking regulations and safety practices. 2015’s TDC tested 168 truck drivers in nine separate categories; the winners of each class will go on to represent Arizona at the National Truck Driving Competitions on August 11-15, 2015, in St. Louis, MO.

RoadCheck Safety Event

The RoadCheck Safety Event takes place each year during a 72-hour window; this year, RoadCheck was held between June 2-4. During RoadCheck, inspectors representing local, state, and federal enforcement agencies perform thousands of checks on trucks to ensure compliance with safety regulations. The 2015 RoadCheck event placed special emphasis on the securement of trailers and cargo during the 37-step Level I trucking inspection.

Annual SuperTech Competition

The ATA SuperTech Competition will be held on June 25, 2015, at Universal Technical Institute in Avondale, AZ. This competition focuses on the inspection and maintenance of trucks and trailers, featuring 30-minute hands-on stations that include vehicle inspections, electrical component tracing and repair, and brake, steering, and suspension inspection and analysis. The state champion will move on to represent Arizona at the National Skills Competition.

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