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Safety Tips for Commercial Drivers During the Holiday Season

No matter where you are coming from or where you are going, it is important that you travel safely. If you work for a Tucson trucking company, there are a few steps you can follow to ensure a safe trip. Here are a few safety tips for commercial drivers during the holiday season.

Prepare in Advance

Your trip will always run more smoothly if you plan in advance. Early preparation can help you avoid a number of obstacles and setbacks and allow you to sit back and enjoy the ride. Make sure your vehicle gets the proper maintenance in the days leading up to the trip, and give it one final inspection before taking off. All of your fluids should be at the proper levels, and your heating and cooling systems should be in working condition; a long drive may feel much longer without heat or air conditioning.

Know Your Way Around

Commercial drivers often travel through areas that they are not familiar with, so it pays to take a look at your map before you hit the road. Many of today’s commercial truck drivers choose to use GPS devices to direct them along their route; this is helpful because it allows drivers to keep their eyes on or near the road at all times. A GPS device that dictates directions will also let you focus on your surroundings and observe work zones, school zones, and other traffic rules.

Avoid Distractions

Driving while distracted can quickly lead to a severe collision or other accident so be sure to stay focused. As responsible as you may be, it is important to realize that other drivers may not be so committed to safety. Keep the cell phone away and avoid eating or looking at your map while driving.

If you would like to learn more about how commercial drivers can stay safe during the holiday season, call DSW Drivers at 1-888-266-7534. We are a Tucson trucking company that offers an array of career options and constant support. Please do not hesitate to visit our website for more information about our services today.

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