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The Job Outlook for Truck Drivers

Although the economic climate has been in a state of flux, the job outlook in the trucking industry has remained strong. Truckers are needed to transport raw materials, consumer goods, livestock, and much more to both local and national destinations. Keep reading to learn more about what you can expect regarding employment in the trucking industry in the coming years.

Current Growth

Despite the current uncertainty in the job market, the trucking industry has continued to add new jobs steadily since before 2012. In addition to 1,500 new for-hire trucking jobs in May of 2014, June of 2014 saw an additional 3,300 new trucking jobs open for truck drivers. Thanks to these new jobs, the for-hire trucking industry currently has over one million payroll jobs as the job outlook in the transportation and warehousing sectors continues to remain strong.

Projected Growth

In addition to the current positive job outlook, the United States Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics has projected that employment of heavy and tractor-trailer truckers will continue to grow through the year 2022. The BLS estimates an 11% positive change in employment numbers from 2012-2022. This increase is attributed to the fact that the recovering economy will continue to demand more materials, goods, and foodstuffs, increasing the need for truckers to provide transportation. Although the BLS predicts that rising fuel prices may drive some industries to seek rail transportation over trucking, the majority of goods will continue to be transported by trucks. Trucking offers greater flexibility with regard to scheduling over long distances, as well as higher efficiency than rail transport over short distances. Thus, the demand for qualified and dedicated truckers will continue to rise in both the short and long term, offering truckers a positive job outlook.

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