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The Mission of the American Trucking Association

When you obtain your CDL and become a professional driver with a Tucson trucking company, you will join a nationwide team of professionals. In order to help regulate and promote the trucking industry, the American Trucking Association was formed. This association advocate for the rights of truckers, and spreads awareness and knowledge about important topics related to the trucking industry. Let’s take a quick look at the mission of the American Trucking Association.

Promote Safety

Safety is a top concern for every driver in the trucking profession. In order to ensure that both commercial trucks and passenger vehicles are safe on the road, the American Trucking Industry is committed to promoting trucking as a safety-oriented industry. The association publishes regular reports and performs routine investigations into the safety of truck drivers around the country.

Increase Efficiency and Productivity

Along with promoting safety for all commercial truck drivers, the American Trucking Association is also dedicated to helping increase the efficiency and productivity of every driver in the industry. With enhanced efficiency and productivity measures, the American Trucking Association is helping to ensure that the nation’s transportation and delivery needs are met.

Provide Thought Leadership

The American Trucking Association believes that the trucking industry can continue to evolve as a profession. In order to encourage truck drivers to achieve the very best with their jobs, the ATA provides through leadership by publishing articles and hosting conferences. With this dedicated work, the American Trucking Industry provides truckers around the country with a voice.

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