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Tips for Semi-Truck Cleaning

Your semi-truck is your home away from home in addition to being your workspace. During hauls, you will spend the majority of your days in your truck. Keeping your cab clean and organized can help you feel more comfortable on the road. Cleaning your semi-truck interior is fairly simple and by keeping up with small tasks on a regular basis, you. can keep the area looking great.

Here are some tips for semi-truck cleaning:

Change Your Cabin Air Filter Regularly

A dirty air filter can circulate dust throughout your cab. This can impact your health by lowering the air quality. The manufacturer will have a recommended timeframe for replacement and you should follow this for the best results. If you are trucking with a pet, you may need to change your filters even more frequently.

A small air purifier can be helpful if you are consistently noticing air quality issues or if you have allergies. Many of these are small enough to fit in a semi-truck, depending on which model you purchase.

Test Products Before Using Them

Some cleaning products can damage your truck’s interior, especially if you have leather seats. Test any products you use on a small area first to make sure they won’t cause any issues.

Keep Cleaning Wipes Available

Disinfectant wipes are a great item to keep on your truck at all times. They make it easy to handle small messes right away. If anything spills, you can wipe it away before a stain sets in. You can also use wipes for any dust you see or just to tidy up before a day of driving.

If you are part of a trucking team, you can use wipes to quickly disinfect surfaces when you switch with the other driver.

Stay Organized

Organization and cleaning are not the same thing, but staying organized can help you keep your truck clean much more easily. This way your cab won’t be cluttered and you’ll know where everything belongs. You can experiment with different ways of organizing until you find one that works for you.

Make a Cleaning Schedule

If you wait to clean until your semi-truck is a complete mess, it’ll be overwhelming and take more time. On the other hand, tackling small tasks as they come up is a lot more manageable. Making a schedule can help you stay on track.

You should do some tasks every day, such as taking out any trash. In other cases, you’ll only need to handle a task weekly or monthly. Make a list of all of the chores that keep your semi-truck cab tidy and determine how often you need to do them. Hang this list up or keep it accessible on your phone so you’ll remember when it’s time to clean.

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