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Tips on Choosing the Right Oil for Your Truck

Oil is the lifeblood of your truck, providing essential lubrication for the engine’s many moving parts. Thus, choosing the right type of oil is a necessary part of maintaining your truck throughout the course of your trucking career. There are many types of oil available, each offering different benefits for your truck and its engine.

Why Oil Is Important

Oil plays a vital role in engine performance. Choosing the right oil for your truck will increase the engine’s efficiency, helping you to get more out of each gallon of gas. Higher gas mileage will reduce your operating costs as well as decrease the number of times you must stop to refuel your truck. Additionally, the right type of oil will prevent premature wear and damage to your engine, which could stop your truck in its tracks, affecting your current timetable and your future career.

Conventional vs. Synthetic Oil

Conventional engine oil is refined from natural sources of petroleum, but often contains additives to protect your engine and extend the lifetime of the oil before it must be changed. Alternatively, synthetic oils are made completely from synthetic compounds. Although synthetic oils often cost slightly more, they also offer many benefits that conventional oils cannot. Synthetic oil can last two to three times longer than conventional oil and has a lower rate of evaporation. These oils can withstand higher temperatures while still providing the protection your engine needs. Many truckers have discovered that synthetic oils improve their gas mileage in addition to reducing the engine temperature of the truck under stressful conditions. Finally, there are synthetic blends that combine conventional and synthetic oils. Synthetic blends offer enhanced engine performance at a lower price than purely synthetic oil.

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