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What Are Dry Van



One important decision in your trucking career is deciding which type of freight you are going to haul. This choice can determine what type of semi-truck you are going to drive, the types of routes you may be offered, and what your pay scale will be. Dry van semi-trucks are one of the most common choices and this is the type of vehicle you will drive as an employee of DSW.

More information about dry vans:

What are Dry Vans?

Traditional semi-trailers or “dry vans” look like enclosed boxes and are made to move dry goods that do not require strict temperature control. Typically, dry van trailers can be used for almost all types of freight. These are the most readily available type of trailers and are commonly used for transporting food, textiles, clothing items, plastics, and more. Because a typical dry van can haul up to 45,000 pounds of cargo, they remain the most popular and versatile method of transporting large amounts of goods. Those whose cargo is being transported can also rest at ease because the freight is secure and protected from weather, theft, and damage.

Pay for Dry Van Hauling

While pay rates fluctuate wildly from company to company, some of the best paying truck driving jobs are driving this type of vehicle. When you drive for DSW, you can enjoy one of the highest starting salaries in the industry. We appreciate our drivers and show them how much we value them with annual pay raises.

Methods for Delivering Freight

One advantage of this type of trucking is that a lot of it is “drop-and-hook.” This means that instead of waiting for the customer to unload, you drop your loaded trailer at the location and then hook up an empty one without having to wait. This provides more opportunity for you to keep the wheels moving and travel more miles.

Physical Labor for Dry Van Jobs

Dry vans also cover the entire spectrum as far as physical labor. Depending on what you are looking for, there are jobs that require almost no physical work, and those that require you to do most or all of the unloading.

Driving an Over-the-Road Dry Van Semi-Truck

Choosing the right company to drive for can make a difference. Whether you are just starting out or have been working for years in the trucking industry, driving a dry van for DSW can be a great career move. Our company offers one of the highest starting rates of pay in the industry as well as layover, detention, and stop pay. We also offer paths to truck ownership through lease agreements so you can advance your career and grow with us. We have immediate openings for over-the-road drivers.

Contact us today to learn more about our openings for dry van semi-truck drivers.