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What to Look For in a

Trucking Job

There are an overwhelming amount of trucking companies nationwide. Some of these companies are as small as a one-truck operation and others have thousands of drivers. Making the choice of what to look for in a trucking job can be daunting. With so many options available you will need to narrow down your choices so that you can choose the right company for you.

The first step is deciding on these things:

What type of work duties and lifestyle would you like?

Different types of driving come with different responsibilities. You need to start by determining what type of truck you would like to drive. There are a multitude to choose from, including dry van, flatbed, refrigerated, tanker, and many more. By choosing the type of truck you want to drive, you will narrow down the number of companies that you can work for.

Along with deciding which type of commercial driver you would like to be, you also need to determine the type of driving you would like to do. Some trucking companies only do local, regional, or over-the-road driving. Others have different routes in a combination of these options. Making this decision can impact all areas of your life as it will determine how often you are home and what your overall duties and responsibilities will be. 

DSW is an over-the-road trucking company with a fleet of dry van semi-trucks.

How often would you like to get home?

Your decision on what type of trucking job you wish to take will impact you and your family. Time at home is one of the most important considerations you should make when choosing. Although over-the-road trucking involves more time on the road than local or regional jobs, working for the right company can increase the amount of time you can spend with your friends and loved ones. 

At DSW, we offer one day off for every six days you spend on the road. You also have the option to turn in your truck and take up to 30 days off in Tucson or three days off anywhere in the country. 

What size company would you like to work for?

All trucking companies make money the same way, by hauling the maximum amount of freight as safely and efficiently as possible and providing great customer service. Larger and smaller trucking companies all have their advantages and disadvantages. Larger companies frequently have more resources available to them and different options for types of freight and driving opportunities. One downside is that at a larger company you may be treated as just a number and it can be tough to stand out when there are possibly hundreds or thousands of drivers. Because of this, it is much more difficult to get any special consideration for emergencies, or requests for time off.

Not every individual is comfortable in a large, corporate environment. At a smaller company, management has more time to get to know you as a driver. This makes it more likely that you will stand out for excellent service. It also can be easier to create a strong working relationship with the owner and other employees. Very often this can lead to better communication and because the environment is more personalized, it may give you more latitude when needing to take time off for family obligations.

At DSW, you get the best of both worlds. We are a family-owned company with a small company feel. However, we have hauling opportunities that rival larger carriers. We understand that one of the biggest factors in driver satisfaction is the people that you are surrounded by. With us, you will work with the best in the industry. 

Truck Driving Jobs at DSW

Hiring New and Experienced Truckers

At DSW, we provide our drivers with top-quality equipment, great weekly pay, and benefits like health, dental, and vision. We cater to new and experienced drivers as well as owner-operators. With tuition reimbursement and paid training for those who qualify, express orientation, and team matching, we show our drivers how much we value them.

Contact us today to learn more about our trucking job openings.