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Could Team Driving Be Right for You?

If you’re considering a career in trucking but aren’t sure if long, solo road trips are right for you, then team driving could be the answer. Team driving has many advantages, but it isn’t the right fit for everyone. Here’s what you need to know about team driving so you can decide if you should pursue it as your career.

Team drivers get more jobs—and more money.
Team drivers are in high demand, because they are able to make deliveries faster than drivers who go on the road alone. When you drive as a team, you can split the duties, allowing one driver to sleep while the other does a shift. The speedy delivery team means companies want to work with teams and are willing to pay. Likewise, team drivers have the time to make more runs, which means they can earn more money. Although some team drivers choose not to drive much more than solo drivers, they do have the ability to earn more if they choose.

Husband and wife teams can drive together.
One of the things that attracts many people to team driving is that they can drive with their spouses. Husband and wife driving teams get to pool their resources and avoid the separation that often nags at trucking families. For many team drivers, going out on the road with a spouse is a smooth transition and can lead to some great memories and time spent together.

Team drivers spend a lot of time together.
For some people, the amount of time drivers have to spend together when driving as a team is just too much. You’re stuck in a small space together and have to make all of your stops together, which can get overwhelming. Some drivers appreciate the companionship while others find it grating.

At DSW Drivers, you’ll get the support you need to build the right trucking career for you, whether you crave solo runs or the team experience. Find out more about employment opportunities at our Tucson trucking company by calling (888) 266-7534.

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