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Healthy Eating Tips That Actually Work for Truckers

Eating healthy when you’re on the road is a challenge for truck drivers. Many of the standard healthy eating tips people give just aren’t compatible with what life is really like when you’re driving a truck, which can make you feel like you don’t have a choice but to have another fast food meal. The good news is that there are ways you can adopt a healthier diet that is actually convenient for the way you work. Try this advice to maintain a healthy eating plan while you’re driving.

Stock Your Cab
If you need to depend on gas stations and truck stops for every snack, you will struggle to find anything healthy. Keep your cab stocked with portable, healthy foods you can grab when you’re hungry, like whole fruits, carrots, hardboiled eggs, and peanut butter. A small cooler can keep perishable items chilled throughout the day. Keeping healthy items like these in your cab will stop you from grabbing a candy bar when you’re in a rush and need a snack. They will also keep you satisfied between meals so that you can keep an eye on portion control.

Eat Every Few Hours
Three meals a day is not always the healthiest choice for truckers. Eating small meals every few hours will help you keep your blood sugar steady and avoid fatigue and hunger. It could also help you cut back on calories since you won’t be tempted to overeat because you’re starving.

Rethink Your Meal Order
When you stop for a meal on the go, you’ll find that most places have healthy options if you’re careful about how you put your meal together. For instance, get a small hamburger and a side salad when you’re at a fast-food restaurant instead of fries and a mega burger. Ditch soda for water to save countless calories and grams of sugar. Make small changes and build on them to develop healthier habits.

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