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Do You Follow This Checklist Every Time You Drive Your Rig?

Before you can get on the road, you need to make sure your rig is safe. It’s easy to skip over small details when you’re in a hurry, so it helps to have a checklist to refer to. Keep reading and ask yourself if you follow this checklist every time you drive your rig.

Check Doors, Windows, Wipers

If you are new to truck driving, you might not have the routine down yet. A checklist helps you keep yourself organized, and soon enough it will become second nature. Check your doors, handles, and alarm to make sure they’re all operational, and do the same for your windows. A long drive in the summer can be tough if your windows don’t work. Also, check your windshield wipers in case you run into inclement weather.

Check Wheels and Tires

Your wheels keep you attached to the road. Inspect each wheel and its hardware, and then look at the tires. Inspect the tread depth of the tires, as well as their inflation and wear, to make sure you’ll have a good grip on the road as you drive. Like your windshield wipers, your wheels and tires become even more important when inclement weather strikes. Inflate your tires if necessary, and replace them if the tread depth is too low.

Check Lights and Reflectors

Truck drivers tend to drive at all hours, especially those who make long hauls. The interior and exterior lights should be in working order before the truck takes off. This means headlights, taillights, hazards, indicators, and any other lights your truck might have. You should also check on your reflectors to make sure they’re still attached and functioning.

You must be thorough if you want to work for a Tucson trucking company. At DSW Drivers, we take safety extremely seriously. Check out our website or give us a call at (888) 266-7534 to see what we’re all about.

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