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Mechanics of Slowing and Stopping Aren’t So Simple Anymore

Safety is an important factor whenever you get behind the wheel of your truck. Truck braking systems must meet six separate requirements set forth by the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards to ensure proper function when they are needed most. Modern brake systems are more effective than ever before—however, they are also more complicated than the simpler systems once in use. Gaining a better understanding of how your brakes work and respond to your driving style can help you stay safe and in control of your vehicle throughout your trucking career.

Stopping Distance

Stopping distance is the distance covered by your truck between the time when you first hit your brakes and your truck comes to a complete stop. The stopping distance of your truck depends on many factors, including the condition of your brake system, your initial speed, the road and weather conditions, and the weight of your truck. Modern developments in trucking brake technology, including anti-lock brakes and stability control, are designed with the goal of reducing the stopping distance of your truck so it will respond more quickly during stops.

Air Reservoirs

Your truck’s brakes are designed such that the rear brakes are its primary braking system, while the front brakes act as a secondary system. Both your front and rear brakes incorporate air reservoirs, which are kept separate to ensure that if one system is compromised, the other is likely to remain intact to provide the stopping power you need. Because each air reservoir must have 12 times as much volume as the combined volume of the brake chambers it serves, your air reservoir size will vary depending on your brake system. It’s essential to have sufficient volume in each air reservoir to provide the braking power you expect whenever you hit the brakes to stop your truck.

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