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Tips on Choosing the Right Oil for Your Truck

Oil is the lifeblood of your truck, providing essential lubrication for the engine’s many moving parts. Thus, choosing the right type of oil is a necessary part of maintaining your truck throughout the course of your trucking career. There are many types of oil available, each offering different benefits for your truck and its engine. … Continue reading “Tips on Choosing the Right Oil for Your Truck”

What To Look For When Choosing a Trucking Company

Whether you are a new driver or a seasoned one, choosing a trucking company is an important decision that will impact every aspect of your career. To find the right trucking company for your needs, you will first need to evaluate your short- and long-term driving and employment preferences. Once you have decided on your … Continue reading “What To Look For When Choosing a Trucking Company”

Understanding the Steps of Becoming an Owner/Operator

An owner/operator truck driver is an independent driver that contracts out to businesses for his service. Rather than working for a trucking company, you are your own boss when you become an owner/operator. If you are considering owning and operating your own truck, learning the steps involved can help you decide if this type of … Continue reading “Understanding the Steps of Becoming an Owner/Operator”

Essential Safety Tips for Truck Drivers

Many people are surprised to learn that truck driving is actually a fairly hazardous career. Drivers undergo extensive CDL training to respond to countless road conditions, and they are held to a higher standard of responsibility than other drivers. Truck safety is a crucial skill that is developed through hours of experience on the road, … Continue reading “Essential Safety Tips for Truck Drivers”

The Benefits of Working as a Truck Driver

Truck drivers are in high demand in a number of markets, and that trend is projected to grow as the demand for goods increases over the next several years. Flexible scheduling, relatively fast training, and the opportunity to develop a lifelong marketable skill are just a few of the perks of earning your CDL license … Continue reading “The Benefits of Working as a Truck Driver”

Physical Fitness Tips For Truckers

It is estimated that 86 percent of truck drivers are overweight or obese. The trucking lifestyle makes it very hard for one to be fit. Truck drivers work long hours and spend a lot of time sitting. They also have access to unhealthy foods at trucking stops. The good news is that there are several … Continue reading “Physical Fitness Tips For Truckers”

The CDL Test: Are You Ready?

Are you considering a career in truck driving? Truck driving is a fast growing career that promises opportunity, excitement and a chance for advancement. Of course, the money is good as well, and that’s one of the primary reasons folks choose this high demand career path. Before you can be hired by a trucking company, … Continue reading “The CDL Test: Are You Ready?”

The History of the Truck Stop

Despite the numerous types of vehicles that have come into common use since the first automobile, it is upon the large semi tractor trailer that America still depends. Ever since the rise of the trucking industry took over from the railways, the American truck stop has been evolving to accommodate the thousands of men and … Continue reading “The History of the Truck Stop”

American Highways: A Retrospective

People today take highways for granted, but the introduction of the U.S. highway system is relatively recent. The vast interstate highway system that can take you from coast to coast or north and south, in fact, was only created a little more than half a century ago. Let’s take a brief look at the history … Continue reading “American Highways: A Retrospective”

Five Ways to Pay For Trucking School

Those looking to get into the trucking profession in Arizona need to invest in trucking school. There are many ways to pay for this schooling. Filling Out a FAFSA The FAFSA is a free application for federal student aid that can easily be filled out online. The good thing about FAFSA is that all of … Continue reading “Five Ways to Pay For Trucking School”