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Spotlight on Women in Trucking

More and more women are starting out in careers as drivers for trucking companies to enjoy the freedom of the road. Keep reading to learn more about these ladies and what they bring to the industry:

Less Aggression on the Road

In general, women tend to be less aggressive than men. This translates well on the road because women do not usually practice offensive driving. Without such aggressive tendencies, women drivers tend to be safe and conservative on the road, which makes it safer for everyone on the highway.

More Opportunities for Women Drivers

As little as ten years ago, it was rare to see a woman behind the wheel of a commercial truck. Today, there are more and more opportunities for women to obtain a CDL and find work in the trucking industry. Companies across the country are interested in diversifying their workforce by hiring qualified women drivers to transport their vehicles and loads to the desired destination.

A Market for More Women

If you are interested in joining the trucking industry, you should not feel like you are limited because you are a woman. Get your CDL and work with a trucking company that can find you the right job for your lifestyle needs. Whether you want to do long hauls across the country or you prefer to do local jobs in your area, there is a trucking opportunity for you. You can work with companies that provide paid training, competitive pay, and great benefits so you can find a fulfilling career in the field that interests you.
DSW Drivers is looking for commercial drivers with a Class A CDL to take advantage of job opportunities in the Tucson area. We pair qualified drivers with local companies to ensure that everyone gets what they need. For more than 20 years, we have worked hard to help local drivers find the best job opportunities. To learn more about our services, visit us online or call 1-888-266-7534.

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