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The Importance of Using Your Mirrors When Operating a Truck

When you drive a commercial truck, you always have to pay attention to what is happening around you to ensure your own safety and the safety of other drivers. Keep reading to find out why it is essential to use your mirrors while you are operating your vehicle:

They Help You Anticipate Movements

Driving defensively is all about anticipating the moves of other drivers before they make them so you can adjust your vehicle accordingly. Using your mirrors while you drive helps you keep an eye on all of the traffic around you so you have a better chance of successfully anticipating what other drivers are going to do. Even giving yourself a few more seconds to react can help you avoid a collision.

They Help You Find an Escape

When you drive, you should always have an escape plan that helps you maneuver out of potentially dangerous situations. Keeping your eyes on your mirrors shows you what is happening around you so you can always have a back-up plan. Checking the mirrors shows you what lanes are clear and how much distance is available between you and other vehicles.

They Show You When You Can Make a Move

Watching your mirrors is extremely important if you plan to switch lanes while you drive. Consistently checking your mirrors helps you figure out the location of other vehicles so you know when you can safely switch lanes. These mirrors are also useful when you are trying to make turns. You should always check your mirrors when you are thinking about changing up your current driving strategy.

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