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Tips for Staying Alert While on the Job

During your trucking career, most of the time you spend on the job will be behind the wheel of your truck. Thus, road safety is one of the most essential components of your job. Drowsy driving is one of the most common causes of accidents while on the road, with potentially serious consequences. Staying alert and awake will protect you and any others that share the road with your truck.

Get Enough Sleep

Restful sleep each night will help you maintain your energy levels during the day, while too little or poor-quality sleep will increase your risk of becoming drowsy. Try to arrange your driving schedule to allow you to stop early during the day when you are more likely to find a parking spot so you can rest. This tactic will also get you back on the road earlier in the morning, helping you to avoid traffic.

Nap When Necessary

Even when you get enough sleep, you can still become drowsy after long hours on the road. Rather than stop for a cup of coffee or an energy drink, stop and take a 20-30-minute nap. Numerous studies have proven that even short naps are far superior in terms of restoring alertness than caffeine, sugar, and other stimulants. A nap will keep you feeling refreshed for longer, while coffee, soda, and energy drinks can exacerbate sleepiness when the limited effects of the stimulant wear off.

Eat Healthy Meals

Your body relies upon the food you eat to maintain energy levels. Choosing healthy foods rich in minerals and vitamins provide the building blocks your body needs to help you stay more awake and alert naturally. Avoid stopping for fast food or skipping meals, both of which can cause drowsiness and other negative health effects.

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