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Trucking Industry News: Truck Driver Shortage

As the economy recovers and demand for raw materials and goods increases, the trucking industry must grow to meet the rising demands of the consumer. This increased industry growth, coupled with changes in the number of hours truck drivers can be on the job before resting, has led to a significant shortage in the number of truck drivers. Currently, the trucking industry has more open positions for truck drivers than there are drivers searching for employment—making qualified and dedicated drivers more valuable than ever before.

About the Driver Shortage

The driver shortage in the trucking industry is not a new occurrence. Although the trucking industry has suffered from a driver shortage for years, the economy’s slow growth and housing market collapse in the recent past have masked the severity of the shortage. During the slower market, there was less demand for goods and raw materials. As the economy has recovered, however, the driver shortage appears more acute. Currently, the trucking industry has 30,000-35,000 open truck driver jobs that are unfilled, leading to an increasing labor shortage as the demands on the transportation industry continue to rise.

Combating the Driver Shortage

As trucking companies feel the ever-increasing pressure of the driver shortage, they are taking steps to increase their workforce. Truck driver recruiting has gone up, while trucking companies across the board are offering pay raises, improved benefits, and more customized career options. Recruiters are often working directly with truck driving schools to garner attention among students and offer work immediately upon graduation. Additionally, the trucking industry is working with military veterans and individuals who have left other industries seeking alternate employment by offering CDL training tuition reimbursement and additional on-the-job training options.

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