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What You Need to Know About Being an Owner Operator Truck Driver

Many new drivers are attracted to the truck driving world due to the freedom that this profession has to offer. If you are interested in working for yourself and setting your own hours, you may want to ask your trucking company about the owner-operator opportunities that they have to offer. To help you prepare for your career in the trucking industry, here is a look at some essential information about being an owner-operator.

Owner Operators Need to Purchase Their Own Vehicles

One of the main factors that set owner-operators apart from conventional drivers is that owner-operators are responsible for purchasing their own vehicles. Unlike a conventional trucker, who drives a fleet-owned vehicle, an owner-operator must purchase and maintain his own truck. Before you become an owner-operator, you will want to consider whether you will be able to invest in your own truck.

Owner Operators Must Set Their Own Goals

When you work for a trucking company, your bosses may set productivity goals on your behalf. By making the leap to become an owner-operator, you will be also taking charge of your own financial and productivity goals. If you are highly driven and motivated to succeed, being an owner-operator might be the right choice for you.

Owner Operators Can Create Their Own Schedules

A potential drawback of a conventional truck driving job is that you may be required to spend weeks at a time away from home. If you have a family, or would simply prefer to set your own schedule, you are sure to enjoy the freedom of working as an owner-operator.

At DSW Drivers, we are pleased to provide our truckers with a program that will allow them to transition into the owner-operator field. When you work at our Tucson trucking company, you can rest assured that we will help you find the ideal position for your lifestyle. Call us at (888) 266-7534 to hear more about our current job opportunities.

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