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Why Truck Drivers Are Vital to the Economy

Many people may not realize how much their daily lives are influenced by truck drivers. The trucking industry influences almost every other industry, which influences the national economy. Read on to learn more about how truck drivers are vital to the success of the economy.

Other industries rely on truck drivers.

Truck drivers are responsible for hauling almost every purchasable item in the country. Truck drivers haul food, gas, raw materials, and finished goods everywhere in the country and into neighboring countries. These items are necessary for humans and animals to live and function in daily life. If truck drivers did not move these items—or there was a strike or natural disaster—then millions of people and hundreds of companies would be negatively affected.

Truck drivers benefit national revenues.

Since truck drivers move so many sellable items and raw materials for manufacturing, they are responsible for much of the nation’s annual revenues. As truck drivers move their cargo across the country, the cargo is sold and brings profit to various companies and the country. It has been estimated that the trucking industry adds over 600 billion dollars to the country every year, which makes it incredibly important to the national economy.

Trucking companies employ over 800,000 drivers.

The trucking industry is responsible for employing over 800,000 drivers in the United States alone. These drivers receive education through their commercial driver’s license training, and they have opportunities to earn a stable living and benefits. It is necessary to continue training and employing dependable and skilled drivers to maintain a stable workforce in the country.

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