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Put Your Military Training to Work as a Truck Driver

If you have recently retired from a career in the military, you may be searching for civilian jobs in the private sector. Truck driving is a fulfilling and well-paying career opportunity that will allow you to use the training that you received while you were on active duty. A trucking company can match you with a driving position that fits your skills and lifestyle. Let’s take a look at some military skills that will come in handy when you drive a commercial truck.

Awareness of Surroundings
One of the key attributes of any military personnel is a keen awareness of one’s surroundings. To remain safe when you are on active duty, you need to be aware of what is going on around you at all times. When you transition into a trucking career, you can use your excellent situational awareness skills to stay safe on the road.

Ability to Coordinate Plans
The trucking industry relies on accurate route finding and deliveries that are completed on time. As a trained military professional, there is a good chance that you have extensive experience with logistics coordination and detailed planning. Your supervisors at your truck driving company are sure to appreciate your ability to carefully plan and execute tasks.

Willingness to Adapt to New Situations
During your career in the military, you may have been asked to rise to the occasion when plans and logistics changed unexpectedly. This is an attribute that is also very helpful in commercial truck driving situations. Whether you are dealing with an unexpected mechanical emergency, or you are faced with harsh weather conditions, there are many unexpected situations that you may encounter on the road.

At DSW Drivers, we are proud to hire military veterans as a part of our elite truck driving team. If you are interested in working for our Tucson trucking company, come to our headquarters to receive more information. To learn all about the fantastic job opportunities that we provide to veterans, give us a call at (888) 266-7534.

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