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Why Women Drivers Could Save the Trucking Industry

While the truck driving world used to be a primarily male-dominated profession, more and more women are joining today’s truck driving force. If you are a woman who is seeking a fulfilling career opportunity, you may want to explore the trucking positions that are open at your local trucking company. Each year, more women are stepping into professional truck driving roles and helping to reduce our country’s trucking shortage. Here is a look at why women drivers could save the trucking industry.

Identifying the Trucking Industry Driver Shortage

For the past decade or so, the trucking industry has seen a decline in qualified drivers. With fewer drivers applying for trucking positions, trucking companies are having a hard time filling their available job openings. By encouraging women to move into professional truck driving roles, the trucking industry may be able to reduce the shortage.

Encouraging Women to Train as Truck Drivers

There is a common misconception that driving a commercial truck requires male strength and stature. While being strong and in shape can be helpful in the commercial trucking world, women are just as capable as men when it comes to driving commercial trucks. With the proper training, workers of either gender can become successful truck drivers.

Adapting Commercial Trucks for Female Drivers

In order to make commercial truck driving more appealing to women, truck manufacturers have started creating commercial vehicles that are designed with the proportions of women in mind. By raising seats and making pedals more accessible, trucking companies are helping even the playing field for female drivers. Ideally, women will be able to fill the empty positions that are currently available throughout the trucking industry.

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